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Starts: 14-09-2019
Ends: 02-10-2019

5000 pln in advance+ 1300 Euro to take with you

The price includes:
Flight to Madagascar, public transport (buses) at destination place, boat to Nosy Hara islands, 2 meals a day down the mountain and 3 meals a day in the mountains and Nosy Hara islands, climbing and tourist insurance, organisation of expeditions, club’s fee- 500pln, 3 days stay on Nosy Hara, flight to the other part of island.

The price doesn’t include:
Alcohol, excess luggage (doesn’t appear), possible flight to the northern part of the island – 600pln, monuments entrance fees, optional trips - montagne d'ambre- 30 eur , baobab via (about 150 Euro), park l'ankarana- 35 eur.

Madagascar is fourth biggest island in the world, 400km away from the land – Africa. By different incomers it was called different names- red island or eighth continent. It tempts every tourist with its richness of landscapes, flora and fauna.
The name red island comes from the colour of most kinds of soil we can encounter there. National parks take about 20% of the island, there are 14 national parks.
It is estimated that about 80% of species we can meet on Madagascar live only here.

We can face an amazing richness in every separate region of the island – from typically Asiatic rice fields, through rainforests to deserts. Desert takes about 587 041 square kilometres.

Our destination mountain is Donda Peak – second highest mountain on Madagascar, located In Andringitra mountains. It is said to be a trekkers paradise.
This peak is very easy technically and we’ll be trekking for 3 days. We’ll go through the mountains admiring wonderful views, vivid forests, and beauty of nature among lianas hanging around, masked chameleons and jumping lemurs.
Our aim is to see as much as possible of this red island – we’ll try snorkelling, visit a few national parks, and places of worship.

If you are willing to participate in the expedition please, apply not later than 2 months before the expedition.
To confirm your application please, pay 5000 pln for a ticket and insurance.
We invite you to explore one of the most exotic places on the Earth.

We meet at one of Polish airports and fly to Paris from where we fly straight to the capital of Madagascar – Anatananarivo. This flight will take us about 11 hours.
After landing we travel to Fienaransoa, second biggest city on Madagascar – we spend a night here and next day we head for our mountain adventure.
Next three days we’ll be trekking in one of the most beautiful national parks on the island, with hidden lemurs and thousands kinds of wild birds.

D’ Andringitra National Park is a paradise for mountain climbers and trekkers.
Reaching Bobba peak is quite easy – we walk for 8hours each day, the hills are unexposed, technically easy.
Third day we reach a camp in Tsarasoa, where we can see one of the most beautiful climbing walls in the world – Tsaranoro. Those spectacular granite walls towering like a beautiful, sleeping princess (the name of these rocks in local language means beautiful princess) over red-soiled villages. This is one of its kind place in the world, discovered by French climbers 10 years ago.
Those who are tired can soak their feet in a piscine or pay atention to the local villages and their kind inhabitants.
People of this village are members of Betsileo tribe – third biggest on this mountain. Their opennes, hospitality and selfless kindness will make everyone smile. Their main occupation is growing rice which perfectly matches orange-yellowish rocks and red soil.
Next day we go back to the northern part of island from where we fly to the city which is furthest to the north – Anatisiranana called also Diego Suarez. The north part of island consists of many elements characteristic for all regions of island.
Here, in harmony and calmness we can get rest after our mountain activity – we’ll spend time resting on local beaches.
After sightseeing and a night we’ll move to an unspoilt Nosy Hara Archipelago, wre we’ll observe coral reefs.
This region is an undiscovered pearl when it comes to local tourism. Rarely visited islands with their isolated from world inhabitants surprise us with their heavenly beaches. White limestones combined with colourful plants again will astonish us with its exotic beauty. There will also be a possiblility to climb on local short climbing trails.
Our stay in the north of island will take about 4 days which we’ll spend in one of the most magical places of the island – National Park Montagne d’ Ambre.
Montagne d’ Ambre is a next rich in natural beauty pearl of the red island.
We’ll walk through a rainforest here watching wonderful waterfalls and lemurs jumping over our heads..

After 2 weeks we’ll come back to the capital of red island where we’ll visit royal palace or local villages and – as usual- beautiful nature.
From Antananarivo we fly back to Paris and from there to Poland.

Trekking shoes; best light but warm and durable 1-1,5 size too big, they can be trekking boots under the ankle
Socks – optionally trekking antisweat socks
Long johns – optionally breathable
Safari trousers wth detachable trouser legs
Sandals or other light shoes
Cotton breathable t-shirts
Polar 200
Wind and water proof jacket, it can be softshell
Hat, hat or scarf protecting from sun
Telescopic sticks, light sleeping bag, NRC foil, articles of toilet, 2 rolls of toilet paper, big and medium rucksacks, small rucksack (40l.), optionally a head lamp, swim suit, snorkelling suit and mask, copy of your passport

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