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Starts: 14-03-2020
Ends: 04-04-2020

4200 PLN – to pay in advance

2500USD – to take there

The price includes: flight to Venezuela and back, all tranfers inside the country (local buses), food (2 meals a day), trekking (porters, food, accomodation in tents) Roraima, Pico Humbolt, accomodation in hotels and hostels, tandem paragliding in the Andes, a trip to Orinoco delta, insurance which covers doing high risk sports, club’s fee.

The price doesn’t include: a trip to Angel falls (300USD), possible flight from Caracas to Roraima(if we don’t fly there, the journey by bus is included) or flight delta Orinoco- Merida, possible third meal a day, snacks, alkohol, costs of possible Pico Bolivar ascent (if its price is higher than the price of ascending Pico Humbolt), costs of visiting monuments, taxis, tips and possible excess luggage (we’ll try to avoid this).

Sixth biggest country of South America, kingdom of the nothern part of continent, the land of Carribean beaches, giants of the Andes and Amazonian jungle – Venezuela. Land astonishing with its natural beauty offers us numerous possibilities of mountain activity. Venezuela invites us to two very different mountain areas. The first is Roraima, rising above rainforests, botanical paradise full of waterfalls, strange rock formations and wonderful plants. The 2810metres high mountain is our first task and a warm up with an Amazonian nature in the background.
Pico Humbolt (4942m), second highest mountain in Venezuela is the main goal of our expedition. This giant can be ascended in a trekking way which is technically quite easy. Mystical Beaty of Andes peaks can be observed during our three days long trekking.
Having fun on a paraglide available at the foot of the mountain, we’ll also double our satisfacion from reaching the summit.
Apart from exploring mountains we’ll also head for an exotic, wild Amazonian jungle, sail on Orinoco delta and relax on the coast of Carribean sea.

Please, apply not later than 2 months before the date of setting off.

We fly from one of the Polish cities, the most probably Warsaw, however, there is a possibility to fly from Berlin. In this situation we provide transport by bus from Poznan. After landing in Caracas we go by bus or fly to the south-eastern part of Venezuela where we set off for trekking on Roraime. This mountain is often called a paradise for botanists and trekkers. It’s a beautiful table shaped mountain which will astonish us with its rock formations, strangest plants, and narrow waterfalls. Getting through wet areas of tropical rainforests will be the most difficult part of our six days long trekking. We’ll definitely need wellingtons or waterproof shoes with trekking gaiters. No techical problems can stop us from reaching this Tepua. Our trekking is divided into three main parts: we spend first two days ascending the summit, then we spend two days on the top and finally we spend two days descending the mountain. Roraima is also called the mother of all the waters as on its top there are springs of three biggest rivers of South America- Amazon, Orinoco and Essequibo. After descending the summit we have some rest sailng boats under the highest world waterfall – Angel falls. Because april is a dry season the waterfal will be thinner than in e.g. October. The positive side of this situation is that we’ll be able to see its top which, because of the fog and heavy rains, is not possible during wet season.
We finish exploring Guayana region by its northern side, going to Orinoco delta and its untouched areas. To get inside the delta we need 4 days.
Next we head for our main destination – the Andes. Our main goal is reaching second highest peak of Venezuela – Pico Humbolt – 4942m. Our trekking will last 5 days which depends on the members of the expedition. We also provide opportunity for those who are willing to ascend the highest mountain Pico Bolivar – 5007m, however this peak is not possible to ascend via touristic way – it demands 70 metres climbing, 5/5+ in difficulty. We don’t assume that all participants will be willing to reach it.
After descending this giants we’ll have the possibility to paraglide in tandems among these wonderful peaks.
At the end of our expedition we will rest on hot and dry beaches and visit national park – Henri Pittier, where the beauty of the beaches and wild birds will let us relax and plan new expeditions.

- light but warm and resistant shoes, 1,5 size too big, wellingtons
- warm socks – 3 pairs (thick, quick-dry), other socks (anti-sweat, quick-dry, many pairs for change)
- trousers, polar100, 1-2 pairs of anti-sweat underpants, wind and water proof trousers (ortalion, goretex), safari trousers with detachable trouser legs.
- sandals or other light shoes
- T-shirts (breathable cotton – a few for change)
- polar 100, polar 200
- wind and water proof jacket (the best made of goretex)
- polar gloves 2-3 pairs, wind proof gloves (e.g. goretex over mitts or skiing gloves)
- hat or cap protecting from sun
- telescopic sticks
- trekking gaiters
- sleeping bag with synthetic filling (down filled will get wet)
- foam pad or self blowing mattress, NRC foil
- articles of toilet, 2 rolls of toilet paper
- big backpack (70l.), small backpack (40l.)
- headlamp and spare batteries, vacuum flask 0,7-1l., sunglasses or glacier glasses, chemical warming agents (if your shoes are not warm enough), vaccination book (with a vaccination against fever registered), copy of passport

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