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Carstensz Pyramid


Carstensz Pyramid (4884m) is:

The highest peak of Australia and Oceania

One of the 7 summits peaks

Exciting climbing 600- metres wall !

The summit was reached by Hainrich Harrer, who climbed the North Wall of Eiger and the hero of the movie: 7 years in Tibet.

In 2007 and 2008 our expeditions successfully climbed the top !


There are 2 ways to reach the base, or a very exhausting 8-day passage through the tropical jungle, in which there are often problems with porters, and tribal conflicts often break out. However, jungle crossing will forever remain an adventure of a lifetime. Alternatively, a helicopter flight to the base, which, however, is devoid of jungle adventure, but gives you peace of mind. After reaching the base, we will be climbing a 600-meter wall with max V + difficulties. And at the end a steep gran with 1 rope bridge. All climbing is insured with handrail ropes.



10 800 usd

We use the best company in Papua !

The cost includes: organization of the expedition, peak permit, accommodation in hotels 2-3 nights (singles) and tents of high quality high tents – 1 tent per person, flight for a mission in the jungle, porters to the base (up to 17 kg), radio, ropes, guardrails, base fee.


Not included: flight to Indonesia around 3,500 PLN, Flight to Papua 500 USD. Meals outside of trekking: 100-200 $ Insurance: 700 PLN Excess baggage, additional accommodation 100-400 $, transfer costs.


APPLICATIONS The confirmation of the application is a payment of PLN 5000,00 for the airline ticket and permit, the payment must be on the association’s account.



1. Departure from Poland

2. arrival in Bali, check-in, last shopping

3. flight to Timika on the island of Papua, further formalities, flight small by plane to Sugapa, motorcycle ride to Suanggama village

4. start of a 5-day trekking

5.-7. on the way to the base

8. reaching the base

9. rest and preparation for the summit day

10th summit day, we are leaving the base camp around

1: 30-3: 00 am. Difficulties up to grade V are insured by handrails.

11.-13. trekking back to Sugapa 4 days

14. reaching Sugap

15 reserve day, waiting for flight to Timika

16. Flight to Timika, overnight

17. Flight to Bali, accommodation in hotel

18 and 19 recommended reserve days

19 or 20 departure to Poland





Prepare your equipment for heavy trekking and climbing. Be ready for tropical storms and snowstorms in Carstensz area.

We recommend light and functional equipment. Remember that you will carry all equipment shared  with your porter. Your backpack shouldn’t be heavier than 15 kg. Max. 30kg including all common equipment. Light equipment can be the key to success.

We do not recommend cotton items, but breathable underwear made of good quality fabrics.

You must have three layers of clothing:

• Base layer: breathable underwear. You can use merino wool or synthetic materials.
• Softshell layer: light thermal layer: it should be durable, comfortable, insulating and wind / water resistant. In addition, you can take fleece for insulation.
• Hard shell: last layer: waterproof and breathable and light (goretex packlight)
Shoes :

Trekking shoes, sandals, people who do not feel confident in rock climbing shoes.


Climbing equipment

• Harness (adjustable in the thighs)

• 4 carabiners with a HMS screw lock

• 2 ordinary carabiners

• figure eight, rappel device

• 1 ascender

• helmet

• Trekking poles

• 1 pair od crag gloves



•  t-shirt with long sleeves

• expeditionary underwear

• Soft shell or fleece

• a down or synthetic lightweight jacket or vest

• goretex jacket light and breathable

• 1 Pair of thin/ wool gloves

• 1 Pair of fleece gloves

• 1 Pair of fleece mittens

• 1 pair of goretex gloves

• 1 Pair of work shoes

• External goretex mittens

• cap • hat

• 2 pairs of glacier glasses


To sleep

• Sleeping bag minimum to -5 degrees 1.5 kg artificial or 0.6-1 kg down

• medium thick foam pad or mattress



• 1 backpack 70- 80 kg with max. 15kg luggage. That’s how much the porter takes. The cost includes 1 porter per person.
• 1 backpack 40-50 l for approach and peak attack
• 2 transport bags closed with a padlock

Lower garment

• 3-5 Pairs of medium thick trekking socks
• 2 pairs of warm trekking socks
• 1-2 pairs of thin underwear
• 1 Pair of expeditionary underwear
• 1 pair of quick-drying nylon shorts (not cotton)
• Light trekking pants
• Lightweight rain trousers (goretex)
• protectors
• Sandals

other things :

• uv20 lipstick
• UV 40 cream
• insect repellent (small bottle)
• head lamp with batteries
• 2-3 liter water containers
• plastic cup
• pocket knife
• Water purification tablets
• Toiletries (paper in a plastic bag)
• towel soap
• 6-7 large plastic bags
• nylon bags for food and equipment
• Buff scarf
• Camera
• Small padlocks
• Small steel thermos
• Backpack cover
• Umbrella