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Ethiopia- Siemen Mountains


Ethiopia is a beautiful country, the only one in Africa that throughout the centuries has remained homogeneous. Only in the XX century, for a while it became an Italian colony. It’s a country of emperors, wonderful medieval palaces and even more amazing churches. One of the first Christian countries where this religion still lasts. There are typical for Africa savannahs, elephants and giraffes but mountains are prevailing here. They take up almost the whole area of the country. They are not as high as Kilimanjaro or Mount Kenya but they are perfect for trekking even for the beginners. The highest mountain range in Ethiopia are the Simen Mountains, which peaks are covered with snow in the winter. The Simen Mountains and its highest peak – Ras Dashen – 4620, which is almost the same as Mont Blanc, are our destination. This mountains were not reached until the Italian occupation in 1935. Local people believed that the mountains are haunted by bad spirits and tried to stay away from there. Today, there are lots of small villages and grazing areas, similar to the ones in Nepal or Romania.
The Simen Mountains are situated in Ethiopian plateau which is famous for its wonderful waterfalls and canyons. The most famous is a waterfall on the river Nile which we’ll visit. In the mountains at nights the frosts can appear. During the day, however, a short sleeve is enough. In the mountains we’ll be able to meet Ethiopian shepherds and nomads. There will be also lots of animals, especially birds, mountain species of a baboon and a very rare Ethiopian wolf.
Ras Dashen and the Siman Mountains is the easiest trekking we have in our offer. Day by day we reach the height, and the mules carry our luggage. However, you must be ready for an 8 days marching as difficult as wandering in Beskidy or Bieszczady. The best season for trekking in Ethiopia is a dry season, from September to May.
We must remember that we go to the country with a completely different bacterial flora, hygiene, culture. We must remember that we’ll ascend 4600 metres. That’s why you have to be healthy so that you could overcome all the difficulties.



8500 pln

The price includes : the organisation of the expedition, food, possible travel to an airport in Berlin or Vienna, flight to Addis Abeba and back, flight to Gondar, travelling at the destination, trekking insurance, accommodation in middle class hotel, rest houses, campsites and tents in the mountains, basic training, cruise on Tana Lake, trekking cost, the Simen National Park entrance fee, hiring a guide and mules.

The price doesn’t include: Ethiopian visa (20$), possible flight and sightseeing in Lalibea (500- 1000 pln), alcohol, entrance fees, possible prolonging the stay to visit the tribes that live in the south. (8 days- 600 usd)



1. To confirm your application, please, pay 3000 pln for the ticket to the bank account: Stowarzyszenie” Annapurna Klub” Santander Bank  34 1090 1652 0000 0000 6404 1166 with an annotation “ticket and insurance” .Please, inform us about the payment via e-mail or post.

2. Please, send us your name, surname, date and place of birth, address.



We meet at the Okęcie airport from where we fly to Addis Abbeba. We land and go sightseeing in the city, next we spend a night there. The next day we fly to Gonder, a former capital of the empire and the point from where we set off to the mountains. In this city we have the possibility to visit churches and palaces very similar to the medieval fortresses of Western Europe. The next day we go to Debark, hire mules and start our trekking. The first passage leads to Sangbahar village. We go through two beautiful valleys and ascend the Simen plateau. On our way we can see the flocks of baboons Gelada. After eight hours we get to Sangbahar, which is situated in an area with beautiful views.
Next day we go on foot to Geech, it is the passage with the most spectacular views during the whole trekking, mainly due to very deep canyons that look like a hole in the Earth, the most impressive is Geech Abyss. Next day we go to Chenek village. During the ascent we reach a very interesting mountain Imetgogo, which is also a view point. The camp in Chenek is situated at the edge of a precipice which gives an amazing impression. From Chenek we go to Ambikwo. This passage hasn’t got such wonderful views but we reach the height. From Ambikwo we set off for the highest peak of Ethiopia – Ras Dashen. We pass the highest situated village in Ethiopia – Mizma. On our way we can meet the shepherds with their herds. Along the left crest we ascend the highest peak of the Simen Mountains.
From the peak we descend to Ambikwo from where we descend to Sangbahar, where we spend a night. After a night we go back to Debrak and Gonder. The whole stay in the mountains will take us 8 days.
From Gonder we go to the village of Ethiopian Jews.
Next we go to Tys Yssat village, where we’ll see the biggest waterfalls on Nile called Blue Nile Waterfalls, one of the biggest in the world.
Next we go at Lake Tana, have a cruise in papyrus boats and visit amazing monasteries on islands. There are a few dozens of monasteries and churches where we can admires beautiful icons.
From Tana Lake we go to Addis Abeba, from where we fly back to Poland.
There is a possibility to prolong the stay and visit the famous monasteries in Lalibela.
There is a possibility to prolong the stay by 8 days and visit famous tribes that live on the south (600$)

Day by day itinerary:
Here is an itinerary that includes the Lalibela monasteries (all participants have decided to go there in recent years.)
– flight Warsaw – Addid Abbeba
– flight Addis- Gonder, visiting famous castles from the XVII century and Debre Berhan Selassie church.
– travel to Debark, organising trekking
– 6 days of trekking in the Simen Mountains, ascending Ras Dashen (4600m)- the highest peak of Ethiopia.
The Himalaya climbers who go there with us claim they are one of the most beautiful mountains they have ever seen.
– travel to Bahar Dar, visiting the Ethiopian Jews village on our way.
– resting in Bahar Dar at Tana Lake, visiting monasteries on floating islands.
– waterfalls on Blue Nile
– flight to Lalibea, visiting famous, rock hewn monasteries
– second day of sightseeing
– flight to Addis, visiting the museum of the first human being – Lucy
– flight to Poland

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