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Mount Vinson


In january 2009, we completed the 7 summits project by climbing Mount Vinson (4892 m.). It was the sixth Polish ascend, completed by Robert Rozmus and Marian Hudek. In 2011, our club’s participants Małgorzata and Daniel from Zakopane (the first seven summits project completed by mother and son together) reached the summit of Mt. Vinson.


Vinson is a large mountain massif in Antarctica that is 21 km long and 13 km wide and lies within the Sentinel Range of the Ellsworth Mountains. It overlooks the Ronne Icefield near the base of the Antarctic Peninsula. The massif is located about 1,200 kilometres from the South Pole

Antartica, the most inaccessible place on Earth. A place where no human or animal lives except for the area of shoreline. In the summer months it is possible to get here by Air Almaty transport plane, which lands on the ice rink without a control tower and without using the brakes.

In Antarctica either a very strong wind blows or there is complete silence. And during these quiet moments there is a chance that we are able to reach this mountain.

To get to the top, first we will have to approach the glacier. Then climb the steep (45 degree) slope.  The biggest threat are weather fluctuations and the associated very low temperatures down to -45 celsius degrees. Very strong winds are very common, so despite the fact that the mountain is not high it is realy easy to get the frostbite. Good equipment, however, protects against frostbite.

We will advise you on what to wear and how to prepare for individual stages.



45 900 usd plus around PLN 10,000 (“plus” costs may vary depending on actual ticket, insurance, hotel prices)

the cost includes: organization of the expedition, flight to Chile and Punta Arenas, flight to Antarctica, flight to the base near Vinson, all transfers, meals 3 meals a day and packed lunch at the summit, tents, fully equipped base, accommodation in hotels in Chile, insurance on treatment and rescue costs for a year, English speaking guide.

the cost does not include: excess baggage (over 25kg), telephone rent, phone calls, alcohol, rebooking tickets, trips in Chile.

If you are willing to take part in the expedition please, contact us as  by mid-August. The confirmation of the application is an advance payment of 5000 USD.



– flight to Santiago de Chile, overnight stay in the hotel
– flight to Punta Arenas, overnight stay in the hotel
– pre-flight check-in to Antarctica, weighing luggage, equipment
– if the conditions in Antarctica are a good trip to the base in Patriott Hills. The flight lasts about 7 hours. Ice landing. Overnight in Patriott Hills
– if conditions are good, flying to the base under Vinson 1.5 hours (2200m)
– acclimatization around the base, training with equipment
– glacier sledge approach to camp 1 (9 km, 5 hours, 2650 m above sea level)
– if the weather is good, we go to the advanced camp, which is located on the Vinson Pass at an altitude of 3175m. The ascent takes about 5 hours, the ice slope up to 40 degrees on the way, prepared ropes are in the steepest place. One of the coldest nights in life awaits us in this camp
– summit day. It takes 14 hours back and forth to climb the summit. Usually during the ascend, strong, icy winds blow.
– descent to the base
– flight to Patriott Hills
– 5 days weather reserve
– flight to Punta Arena
– flight to Santiago
– return to Poland

– thermal shoes type Millet Everest / Scarpa Phantom / La Sportiva Olympus Mons (1.5 no. Too large) – at www.mounteverest.net you can buy battery insoles recommended for women

– 5 pairs of woolen socks and other thermal socks; other socks, including sweating

– down sleeping boots,

– polartec trousers

– breathable underwear

– down suit (possibly pants and down jacket)

– trousers with a membrane (e.g. goretex)

– polartec fleece, 1-2 pieces

– down sweater or primaloft jacket,

– goreex jacket or similar

– gorex tex mittens

– very warm five-finger gloves, preferably with primaloft

– 2 pairs of polartec gloves

– thin gloves for equipment operations

– down jackets

– cap; sun hat

– buff scarf

– sleeping bag 0.9-1.3 kg of down

– 70l-100l backpack or transport bag for carrying on sleighs

– 50l backpack,

– ice glasses (useful nose shield)

– UV goggles 6 I recommend Julbo

– uv60 cream 100ml

– a wind mask

– chemical warmers for hands and feet (about 3-4)

– lightweight camping cloth (option)

– a knife

– 2 rolls of toilet paper,

– thermos 0.7-1 l

– toiletries; cleaning wipes

– underwear

– sneakers

– trekking shoes

– crampons

– ice ax or cannon

– harness

– 2 loops of 50 cm sling

– 3 screw carabiners; 1 regular carabiner

– ascender

– figure of eight

– prusik loops

– trekking poles with wide plates

– Epi burner for screw-on cylinders with visible thread,

– 2 Bic lighters per stone,

– Foam pad or self-inflating mattress (you can do it)

– rescue foil

– Needle and threads; Glue droplet; repair tape, adhesive

– Garbage bags for packaging

– laptop, movies, books to kill boredom, camera

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