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Mt. Everest


In 2007 for the first time in the history of Polish himalaism all participants of our expedition reached the summit of Everest.
Our experience shows that the assistance of Sherpas and the sufficient amount of oxygen are absolutely essential to reach the summit so we included them in the price of the expedition.
You can read about the last expedition at: www.mount-everest.pl

Everest – the highest mountain on Earth – the crown of the Seven Summits. Although it was climbed almost 60 years ago it still remains a serious and threatening mountain with as much oxygen as in the stratosphere. The lack of oxygen poses the main obstacle in reaching the summit. There are also sudden weather changes and strong winds. It is easy to become frostbitten. There are also some technical difficulties. Although fixed lines hang everywhere, it is still challenging to climb up a vertical barrier at 8700m.

We will be climbing from the Tibetan side. The route where Malory died. We won’t encounter a problematic icefall as on the southern side but the biggest difficulties await us at the very end before the summit. The last part of the climb is secured with a ladder but it remains difficult nevertheless.

From all participants we require an excellent health and physical condition, mountaineering experience at the minimum of 7000m as well as a skill of using an ascender on vertical faults, using ice axe and possessing a general knowledge about mountaineering.



34 000 usd

The price includes: organization of the expedition, summit permits, liaison officer, food (3 meals per day during the whole trip up to the advanced base at 5300m, special lyophilisated food in higher camps, breakfasts in Kathmandu), a cook in the base, private sitting tent for the group in the base, accommodation in hotels, tents and high quality high altitude tents, drive from Kathmandu to the Chinese base, transport on yaks to the advanced base, gas radio, ropes, Gamow Bag, cost of fixed ropes, cost of a Sherpa (1 per 1 person), cost of oxygen (6 bottles), cost of masks, masks and bottles for Sherpa, summit bonus for Sherpa.

The price does not include: Flight (around 3500zł, insurance 600$ (we arrange insurance without limit of costs), excess luggage (also on yaks – limit 80 kg), additional accommodation in Kathmandu, supper and dinner in Kathmandu, alternatively renting of a Jeep (e.g. for an earlier return), costs of ticket rebooking, costs resulting from blockades, riots, strikes, bribes, rubbish deposit (returnable).



To confirm your application you need to deposit 5000 Polish zloty for ticket and permit. This deposit must appear at the Association’s account by 21st December at the latest. Account details: Stowarzyszenie „Annapurna Klub”, Santander Bank, account no.: 34 1090 1652 0000 0000 6404 1166 titled: „Everest- ticket and permit”.
You also need to send the following data: Name, surname, date of birth, PESEL no., permanent address, telephone, e-mail, passport no.



– flight to Kathmandu

– arranging all nesseccary permits, food schoping

– 7 days trekking to the base camp

– climbing the mountain:

  • camp I – 6065 m.,
  • camp II 6500 m.
  • camp III- 7200 m.- from camp III we are using oxygen
  • camp IV- 7910 m.

After leaving deposits in all camps we going down to rest and wait for the best weather.

Climbing the Top of the world !

Going down the same way


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