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K2 base camp trekking


K2- Baltoro Glacier is considered one of the most beautiful trekking tours in the World

„ Overwhelming mountain. It seems to tower like a perfect, but incredilbly high cone.” That’s how an Englishmen, sir Francis Younghusband described K2 in 1887, when he, as the first man from West, saw this mountain from closer disctance. Next generations of travellers, scientists and climbers shared his opinion. Indeed, not many mountains have such a perfect architecture.Ascending this mountain must be incredibly difficult, and so it is. Although it has been 50 years from the first ascent on his summit, it remains the most difficult mountain in the world.
Karakorum is not only K2. During our trekking we’ll see 4 eight thousand metres high mountains: K2, Gasherbrum I and II, Broad Peak and many beautiful 7 thousand metres high mountains e.g. Rakaposhi, wonderful pyramids Masherbrum or Gasherbrum IV. We’ll also see the symbols of extreme climbing – Trango crags.

To get to the heart of Karakorum we need one week of walking along Baltoro glacier. The way is difficult, full of ascents on moraines, but the views are the best reward for our efforts. We need next five days to ascend Gondogorro pass (5680m), from where we’ll be able to admire the mountains from another perspective and get down to the residential area. Unlike the Himalayas, the whole trekking takes place far away from inhabited areas. Only mountains and us.We sleep only in tents. Due to the fact that we go through moraines, this trekking is one of the most difficult and tiring tours. There are, however, no technical difficulties, so all more experienced tourists can take part in it. We don’t require any special climbing abilities. As the acclimatisaton processes very slowly, nobody should have problems with height. Before the expedition it’s worth to train walking in the mountains, stairs or just go running. Those who have health problems caused by being at heights are not permitted to participete in the expedition.



16 000 pln

The price includes: organisation of the expedition, flight Warsaw-Islamabad-Warsaw, journey from Islamabad to Skardu, flight back, accomodation In hotels and tents, travelling on the place of destination, drive 4×4 to Ascole, food during journey and trekking, cook, guide, porter, camping fees, toll, climbing insurance, permission for trekking
The price doesn’t include: excess luggage, optional flight to Skardu, rescue deposit(repayable)



1.If you are willing to participate in the expedition, please apply not later than 30th of march.
2.To confirm your application please pay 5000pln for the ticket into the following bank account: Stowarzyszenie „ Annapurna Klub Santander Bank  34 1090 1652 0000 0000 6404 1166 with annotation „ K2- flight ticket„. Please confirm the payment via e-mail.
3.Please, send your name, surname, resident identification number and your adress via e-mail.



We fly to Islamabad In Pakistan, where we’ll be checked in the Ministry of tourism, where we spend a night. Next we either fly or drive to Skardu, if we choose driving, it will take us 2 days and we’ll spend one night in Chilas. The journey will take place on the famous Karakorum highway, the second day we’ll get to Indus Valley which joins the Arabian Sea with Tibet.
The next day we travel by jeeps to Ascole, which takes us about 6-7 hours. Three times we cross Braldu river, there’s also a possibility to see hot water springs. We spend first night in tents, at 3000metres. We start our trekking, first ascent is for acclimatisation, we go to Korophon and it takes about 3 hours. On our way we traverse Biafo glacier. Next day we trek to Jhola, which takes 3-4 hours. This is one of the steepest parts , where we walk among precipitous Dumodoro and Biaho rivers banks. After 150 meters of gentle climbing we reach Dumodoro bank.

The part we cover next day is longer but easier, we go to Paiyu (3450m), and it takes 6-7 hours. On our way we have to climb and ford the stream. From Paiyu we can admire a wonderful view on Balthoro Cathedrals. Next day, the distance we cover is also quite long., it takes 7-8 hours. We finally leave the river valley and get on Baltoro glacier, along which we get to legendary Urdokas meadow, covered with rocks. It is also the last green place on our way (4100m). From here we admire the wiev of famous Trango crags, Uli Biaho, Cathedral Tower and Payiu Peak. Next day we ascend Gore (4400m) This part is really exhausting, we go along a glacier and we have to overcome a few wavy moraines (altogether 6-7hours). But the views on Masherbrum (7821m), Gaherbrum IV (7980m) i Muztagh Tower (7273m) are really rewarding. We spend a night in the middle of Baltoro glacier. Next day we reach world famous ice circus, Concordia, where Godwin, Austin and Baltoro glaciers meet. This part takes 4-5 hours and we reach 4650m. From this point we can finally see K2, Gasherbrum massif and Broad Peak, the highest mountains in Karakorum. The sunset over Concordia is one of the most beautiful parts of our trekking. To get rest we spend there one day. The next day we reach the K2 base camp (5135m), we ascend on glacier with crevasses and seracs. K2 seems to be at our fingertips. We spend a night in Concordia. Next day we go to Ali camp (5100m), At the beginning we have a difficult traverse of Baltoro glacier, but then trekking becomes easier with a view on Czongolisa in the south. Next day is the most difficult. We get up at 1a.m. to get to the highest pass Gondogoro (5700m). Depending on conditions we may need crampons and axe. Along a very steep route we get to the pass. And from the pass we can see the most beautiful views on K2, Broad Peak and Gasherbrums. We descend to Hispung for a night. Next part is decending to Saicho, which takes 4-5 hours and we can see K6, K7 and Hushe
Last part is 4-5 hours of descending to Hushe, which is situated among green fields. From Hushe we drive to Skardu. It takes 4-6 hours. We go back to Islamabad by plane, and if there aren’t any flights we drive for 2 days. Next day we fly to Poland.
The way of acclimatisation may be different.

-flight to Islmabad. Night in hotel
– Ministry of Tourism, hotel.
– drive to Skardu, possibly a flight with an additional fare, hotel
– drive from Skardu to Ascole (whole day), night in tents in the last inhabited village.
– Ascole- Korophone 3-4h (3100m)
– Korophone- Jhula 3-4h
– Jhula- Paiju 6-7h (3450m) views on Paiju Peak (6611m) first view on Baltoro
– Paiju- Urdokas 7-8h (4130m) , wonderful view on Trango and Uli Biaho
– Urdokas- Goro 6-7h (4500m), route along Baltoro glacier. Wonderful views on Gasherbrum IV and Mitre
– ascent to Concordia the place where Baltoro joins with Abruzzi and Gulden- Austin. It is the place with the most beautiful view on 41 peaks over 6500m, including famous 8 thousand metres high mountains such as: K2, Gasherbrums and Broad Peak.
– ascending K2 basecamp and going back to Concordia (4650m)
– Concordia – Ali Camp, glacier ascent
– Ali Camp-Gondogoro Pass (5700m)- Hispung. (highest point of our trekking)
– Hispang- Shaicho 6-7h
– Shaicho- Hushey
– return to Skardu
– drive to Islamabad
– flight to Poland



-2-3 pairs of woolen socks or other trick socks protecting from cold, some other socks (including ones that let sweat out)
– gore tex trousers or others that protect from wind and snow
– trekking gaiters
– long johns and vest that allow skin to breath
– polar 100 , 2 thick pairs of polar fleece (optionally down filled sweater)
– goretex or similar jacket
– gore- tex over mitts or skiing gloves one size too big,
– 2 pairs of polar gloves
– down filled gloves (optionally)
– hat
– Sun protecting hat or scarf
– down filled sleeping bag (0,6-1kg of down, total weight 1,2-1,5kg) or a sleeping bag with synthetic filling (total weight 1,6kg-2kg)
– rucksack 65- 90l
– rucksack 40l,
– sunglasses with uv filter covering eyes well
– sun protecting cream, filter 30-60, best Vichy
– face buff
– thick , well isolating foam pad or self blowing mattress
– NRC foil
– headlamp with spare batteries,
– watch,
– vacuum flask 0,7 l- 1l,
– articles of toilet,
– underwear,
– warm and waterproof trekking shoes (1,5size too big)
– sandals or other light shoes, you can take flip flops
– trousers polar 100,
– light trousers to wear down the mountains and during ascents, knickerboxers or safari type with detachable trouser legs
– crampons
– ice axe
– telescopic sticks
– 4 passport photos

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