About us

We are a mountaneering club operating from Poland. We have 22 years experience ! In 2009, Robert Rozmus (our principal leader) was the sixth Pole to complete the seven summits project, whilst, in 2007 he also managed to summit Mount Everest, along with three other participants. We have organized over 2,200 trips/expeditions, on all continents, the 7 Summits Project, and numerous smaller treks worldwide. In 2010 our participants Małgorzata and Dawid made the first Polish Everest climb as mother and son. In 2017 our participant Janusz made a world record of climbing the highest 7 summits on the world in 126 days.

The mountains are our passion and we would like to invite you to the mountain trails of the world, where the extraordinary cultural richness mixes with the immeasurable beauty of the rugged landscapes. Where mystical vertical walls, creaking glaciers or purring volcanoes open up this unique, magical world. Come with us ! Ania Rozmus and Robert Rozmus




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