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grudzień 2021

Mt. Kenya (trekking) 5199 m.

4 grudnia - 16 grudnia

This will be our seventh expedition on Mount Kenya. During the last one the peak was reached by 100% of participants. Mount Kenya is: - Matterhorn of Africa - a challenge for climbers - an amazement for trekkers - luxuriant…

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luty 2022

Ruwenzori EN TEST

17 lutego 2022 - 3 marca 2022

  Margherita (5109m), the highest peak of Ruwenzori is the highest of nine peaks excessing 4800m. They are located in the distant mountain range Ruwenzori At the boarder of Uganda and Zair, 50 km north from the equator. This powerfull…

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marzec 2022

Ethiopia- Siemen Mountains

3 marca 2022 - 16 marca 2022

  Ethiopia is a beautiful country, the only one in Africa that throughout the centuries has remained homogeneous. Only in the XX century, for a while it became an Italian colony. It’s a country of emperors, wonderful medieval palaces and…

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kwiecień 2022

Everest base camp

12 kwietnia 2022 - 4 maja 2022

  Everest is the highest mountain on Earth. Not everyone can reach the summit. In 2007 we managed to achieve this goal in 100%. Nevertheless anyone can see the mountain and reach its bottom and base. You can admire the…

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15 kwietnia 2022 - 30 kwietnia 2022

  Madagascar is fourth biggest island in the world, 400km away from the land – Africa. By different incomers it was called different names- red island or eighth continent. It tempts every tourist with its richness of landscapes, flora and…

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Australia- Mt. Kosciuszko

25 kwietnia 2022 - 10 maja 2022

  Apart from Mount Kosciuszko which belongs to the famous Seven Summits we will also visit: - Sydney with its inns and monuments - Ayers Rock – the most famous piece of rock on Earth, holy mountain of Aborigines -…

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Marocco- Atlas Mountains

25 kwietnia 2022 - 5 maja 2022

  Jebel Toubkal is 4160 meters high which makes it the highest peak of North Africa. It’s situated in the Atlas Mountains, in Morocco, 80km to the south from the most exotic city in Morocco – Marrakech. Together with a…

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czerwiec 2022

Peru- Cordillera Blanca

15 czerwca 2022 - 6 lipca 2022

  Our trekking will take place in the unique ice mountains- the Cordillera Blanca. This massif is famous for its wonderful steep peaks covered with ice. The most well known mount of this massif is Alpamayo. It’s an amazing ice…

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K2 base camp trekking

25 czerwca 2022 - 16 lipca 2022

  K2- Baltoro Glacier is considered one of the most beautiful trekking tours in the World „ Overwhelming mountain. It seems to tower like a perfect, but incredilbly high cone.” That’s how an Englishmen, sir Francis Younghusband described K2 in…

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lipiec 2022


24 lipca 2022 - 6 sierpnia 2022
Kenia, Tanzania

  The roof and the symbol of Africa, snow on the equator. Ngorongoro- a living Noah’s ark. Kilimanjaro (5895 m) – the roof and the emblem of Africa. The highest free standing mountain in the world. The living volcano which…

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